Is the Printing Industry Using Up Too Many Trees?

tree photoMost people don’t know this, but the printing industry actually plants more trees than it harvests. There are numerous facts to back this statement up. For example, the American Forest & Paper Association states, “Roughly 600 million trees are planted every year by the paper and forest products industry, surpassing the amount harvested – approximately 3 trees for every 1 harvested.”
 In addition, they have this to say: “There are more forests in the US today than there were 50 years ago.”

These statistics may be surprising to you, and hopefully they put your mind at ease. Of course it is important to do your part by recycling the paper you don’t want, but you can also feel good knowing we’re doing our part as well!

For more information about sustainability and the printing industry, visit the “Print is Green” section of our website:


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2 Responses to Is the Printing Industry Using Up Too Many Trees?

  1. Mark Potter says:

    Its unfortunate that the paper/pulp industry suffers from this notion that the harvesting of trees to produce paper is detrimental to the enviromnent. All the major mills and most responsible consumers of paper are now are certified through one of the major forestry stewardship programs such as SFI, FSC and PEFC. These internationally recognized organizations provide reliable assurance mechanisms to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests. The bottom line is that forestry is just as sustainable an industry as the grain industry or any other business that harvests renewable resources. Additionally, worldwide recycling of finished paper products is at a level that most other industries look to as a standard. This idea that the printing industry is using up too many trees is a bit like saying the bread industry is using up too much grain.

  2. Being in the print industry myself there is much more positives against negative about having printed material. Digitised images have there place but you can’t beat the fact of something tangible. Knowing that things are better than 50 years ago is brilliant and just shows we’re not the wasting nation people make out.

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