Do you know what makes print on paper effective and sustainable? imageDid you know the following about print?:

  1. Print delivers results
  2. Print promotes forests
  3. Print drives online sales

If you’d like more information on these topics, is the place to go. It’s an educational campaign aimed at addressing misconceptions about the effectiveness and environmental credentials of print on paper.

On the “Print Delivers Results” section of the site, you can find statistics such as this: “Shoppers across all ages say that print—not digital—sources most influences their store and shopping decisions: 69% of shoppers rely weekly on newspapers, and 67% rely weekly on direct mail for sales and product information.”

On the “Print Promotes Forests” section, you’ll find info like this: “Much paper now comes from sustainable forests. These sustainable forests are essentially “tree farms,” where trees are grown as a crop, just like broccoli or wheat. When these trees are harvested, new stocks are planted.”

And on the “Print Drives Online Sales” section, you’ll find info like this: “Studies show that print advertising drives consumers to online shopping. An iProspect study found that 67% of online searches are driven by offline messages, with 39% of shoppers ultimately making a purchase.” For even more information about how print can drive online business, you are welcome to download our free report on our homepage at It’s titled: “Top 5 Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Print.”

The new redesigned chooseprint website has just been launched, and it’s jam packed with great information. Check it out at!


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